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April 8th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude

Everything is so lighted up, fanned up, turned on, and opened up that we sometimes forget the most peaceful sound is the sound of silence — silence from electronics. I often forget to turn off my laptop at night, just out of habit and out of tiredness when I’m in a hurry to just get to bed. But whenever I do manage to turn things off, I notice very distinctly the wonderful sounds of silence. The silence of the laptop turned off (it’s amazing how loud these computer fans are), the silence of the buzzing of the lights turned off, the silence of everything just TURNED OFF. It’s nice. I should do it more often.

Making Life

April 7th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude, reflection

Some of my friends are getting pregnant with their second child. I can’t help but remember, when I hear about them talk about their pregnancies, what it was like to be pregnant. I sometimes get an itching for it. True, the little annoyances that come with being pregnant I can do without, such as taking prenatal vitamins everyday, and not forgetting them. But oh the joy of carrying a living, moving being inside my body — it felt like a little miracle in and of itself. I felt almost invincible, yet at the same time so vulnerable and fragile (especially as I got bigger and bigger and lost sight of my toes!). I miss it some days. I will look forward to when we decide to have another child. I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed carrying Little Miss Lily. Making life is a wonderful feeling, if you’re up for it.

In My Perfect World

February 22nd, 2010 | 3 Comments | Posted in visualization

I got this from my lovely Ronni-boo, and I thought it would look great as part of my gratitude blog here. I haven’t done a visualization in a long time, and what better place to start again than now?

List 20 things that would make your world perfect, and post them on your blog/facebook/whatever the cool kids are using these days.

In My Perfect World…

1. Both Dave and I would be able to stay home with our child(ren) without having to worry about finances.
2. I would already have my doctorate’s degree in psychology, along with the knowledge, without having to do any of the work. Ha!
3. We would already have moved into our brand new home, and I don’t need to worry about packing or unpacking!
4. We would all live in a world where social services wouldn’t be needed, therefore I’d be out of a job as a counsellor because everyone would be happy and healthy.
5. I could be a world famous photographer instead, or an artist, or something artsy fartsy.
6. All debt would be erased, for everyone, and every nation. We would live as one.
7. No one would ever go hungry.
8. No one would ever be abused or neglected.
9. Organized religion wouldn’t exist, and people would love God because God is love.
10. Politics is part of philanthropy, and not a career.
11. Nike shoes wouldn’t be made by Vietnamese orphans for 2 cents an hour and sold for $200 a pair.
12. Cancer would be cured and nothing else would take its place.
13. A university education would be free for all.
14. Education and philanthropy would be valued above riches and fame.
15. Actors and actresses are considered artists instead of idols.
16. I wouldn’t have the insecurities I have with friendships.
17. I’d be motivated to do yoga every single day.
18. Lily would grow up to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. Everything else is just icing.
19. My mom and I would get along while conversing with each other for more than 5 minutes.
20. My dad would be happy. Always.

(What the heck are Cole Haan shoes and why should I care?)

Newness of Motherhood

February 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in being, gratitude, received

The other day, I was having such a blast while shopping with Lily (she loooves squeaking in her squeaky shoes down the aisle) that I forgot the cashier person couldn’t catch one of the products from the barcode scanner while we were checking out. I love taking my Lily out with me, even on small errands. It’s awesome because she makes everyday life so livable, so wonderful. Just having her near makes my whole day better, my whole minute better. It’s kind of funny because when Dave and I take her out, we often fight over who gets to carry her or hold her hand. Sometimes she has choices (”MOMMY HAND!!” or “DADDY HAND!!”), but most of the time, she lets whoever happens to have her take her. I just love being near her. This “newness” feeling of being a mother hasn’t rubbed off yet. I wonder if it ever will? I hope it never does.

To Settle In

February 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in being

We went window shopping for furniture this weekend, and we can’t help but realize how incredibly fast this is coming on. The move to our new house is less than two weeks away. Last we checked, it seemed to have been hovering at “a month away” and now we’re under the 2-week mark. Wow. After we are all settled in, we’re thinking about possibly getting a ps3 or maybe even something else if Dave feelings like trying out some new gaming consoles. Though, to tell you the truth, they each go obsolete so quickly after they are bought, and we hardly play as many games as we probably should, given that we have all these gaming consoles. Oh well. We’ll see. Regardless, I am looking forward to being settled in, and having life back to normal, in a new home.

Beautiful Feeling

February 11th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in reflection

All we can think about right now is: house, house, house, and everything to do with house, house house. We’re even looking at light (maybe Dolan lighting?). Dave wants to maybe change the chandelier in the dining room. I’m okay with them, but maybe we’ll end up them anyway.

We’ve made it. All this time, all this work, being together, working together, loving each other. Now buying a home together. We’ve made it, and we’re happy to be here. Security is a beautiful feeling.

Simplifying Consoles

February 11th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in being

We’re trying to de-clutter our home, and simplify our life in preparation for our move into our new home. We have several game consoles, and we may be getting rid of some (in favor of getting new, updated ones, perhaps). One of those is the xbox 360, which we’ve had for a while but don’t use. Dave was thinking of wanting a PS3, but maybe we won’t use that either, since we have a PS2 that we’ve hardly touched. We recently got the Wii, and we’ve been using that more often than not, but still not as often as we probably should (my yoga routine is going by the wayside!).

Oh well, we’ll see how we do when we’re moved into the new place.