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Coming Home to Home

April 26th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

There is something so great about having your own home. It’s wonderful because you take such pride in your “things” and the walls you live within. And it doesn’t even matter what types of furniture you have, or how old the house is, or what colors the walls are, or whether or not you have one of those walk in bathtubs in your bathroom. What matters is that these are the things that you surround yourself with that make you feel like you’re “home.” The safe haven you create for yourself, and for your family. I truly treasure that, and I think it makes everything so much more wonderful.

We’ve also been really minimizing our home too. Just the things that we feel are special — lots and lots of books, and lots and lots of photos. Everything else seems to just be “extra.” We have lots of books, lots of photos, and lots of plants. I love coming home to this… home.

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