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New Systems

December 10th, 2009 Posted in received

I’ve been making little changes here and there to Lily’s room. One of my pride and joy when it comes to Lily is that her room is almost always in immaculate condition. It’s always clean, it’s always dusted, everything is in its place, there is a place for everything. One of the things I’ve recently updated in her room is her new mp3 player. Her old one was going wonky on us for a while. She listens to an hour or so’s worth of soft, lullaby music when we put her to bed, so we’ve been depending on a rinky dink mp3 player to do that for us. A couple of speakers hooked up, and voila, it was all set to go. So when we were shopping for <a href=”http://www.buy.com/cat/mp3-players/440.html”>MP3 players</a>, we wanted to get one that was dependable, upgraded, and simple. We didn’t want a fancy schmancy one. We just wanted one that works, that’s all. Welp, we decided to stick with the Samsa. And to boot, we updated her speakers as well!

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