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The Trip

February 10th, 2009 Posted in reflection

When was it that my current life hit me like a ton of bricks? When was my moment of “Ah-HA!!” When was my enlightened period? When was it that I realized what would make me live, what would enable me to die, what would let me keep moving? I think it was when I was found out that I loved getting up in the morning. To start a fresh day, the world as my oyster, inside it are pearls that only I can access. I think it was when one morning, I woke up and realized, “Wow. I’m in LOVE!” And then suddenly, all the pieces started falling together. Easily, fitfully, like they were always meant to be there.

Life is so simple these days. There is a tendency in my head that when life becomes simple, I stop thinking. I just move along because it’s so easy, so effortless. I just “be” and I just “know.” I just “am.” There isn’t a bone in my body that has to second guess who I am, there isn’t a muscle in my body that moves involuntarily without the rest of my body following. I just “be” whatever I am. I think that is when my blogging world takes the back seat. I think that is when I stop writing. As happy as I am, I stop thinking because there really isn’t anything to “think” about. When the mind stops moving because there isn’t anything to wonder about. It’s *that* easy to live these days. My mind has taken a trip, and it didn’t even need luggage.

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