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Sleep is Good

January 11th, 2009 Posted in gratitude

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping at night. Mostly because our Lily Bean wakes up often right now due to her cold — she’d cough and cough and cough and it wakes her up and her throat is sore. Then she whines out a small cry for me to come get her. I go in briefly to comfort her, kiss her, and stick a binky in her mouth and off to sleep she goes again. It’s hard, though, as I know nothing that could immediately alleviate the pain she is. It is very, very hard to see your child suffering. I know all parents have known this for centuries, but this is new to me, and it is so very hard. Oi.

However, once I am able to go to back to sleep, it is almost like bliss. Oh yes, the sheer feeling of being able to just … _rest_ is a big deal. At least I am not in chronic pain, or have foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis. I think it is just because I work so hard when I’m awake that I am absolutely exhausted by the time I crawl into bed. And bed is bliss. Sleep is good.

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