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Meeting Online

January 1st, 2009 Posted in headlines

As many of you know, Dave and I met online about 12 years ago. We became a couple 10 years ago (in fact, this upcoming February 12 is our 10-year anniversary of the day we first met). Back then, there weren’t many dating sites, but there were chat rooms. They were beginning to be more popular, and “dating online” was still seen as a backwards thing and still sort of frowned upon as “weird.” Nowadays, online dating is accepted everywhere, and it’s almost “normal” to know someone who has met their significant other online, either through a chat room or even more common now, through a dating site. There are so many out there, which ones would you know to choose? Which ones do you trust to find your heart a soul mate? Now, with Dating Directory, you can actually make comparisons and find the exact right site for you. Eharmony, or Match.com? Which one is easier to use, which one is more fitted to your style? Which one could you possibly find your future spouse there? In my direct circle, I know at least 5 people today who has met their spouse on a dating site. Isn’t that amazing? 10 years ago, Dave and I had to twist the truth, so to speak, about how we met. Nowadays, it’s so common that we just come right out and say it: we met online. Go for it. It could be right for you too.

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