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Eyeing A New One

December 31st, 2008 Posted in visualization

Dave says that my laptop probably needs more system memory, but we don’t have the means or the funds to get any right now. It’s been slowing everything down — I upload and download a whole bunch of photos everyday. Of who, you ask? Lily Bean, of course. Heh. I think all the downloading has been making my laptop go crazy. I can’t wait until we can either get more memory, or a brand new laptop. This thing is over two years old. Can you believe it? It’s also our very first laptop (Dave has an identical one), so it’s very special to us. But, as much as goodbyes are hard to say, I want a new, spankin’, FASTER laptop with more memory and gigs and all that good stuff. Heh.

In time, Helen, in time!!

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