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Good Time Glasses

December 30th, 2008 Posted in headlines

As you may all know, I wear glasses pretty much when I’m not in the shower or sleeping. I depend on them. In fact, they’re probably permanently attached to my face. Heh. So because of that, I have to make sure that not only are they functional, but also appropriate for my style as well as the image I want to portray. I want glasses that I can have fun in, as well as go to work and be serious in. Right now, I have rather boring black-rimmed glasses. I would love some Holiday frames that would really enhance the “fun” side of me, and represent who I am when I’m not a “professional” at work. I’m a relaxed, dorky mother and wife. I’m a friend. I’m a woman. I’m a geek.

These green ones are perfect! They’re dorky AND geeky AND fun all at once. Plus, they’re my favorite color — green! I can see myself wearing them to our family get-togethers, to my non-work-related appointments, to the park and the beach with Lily Bean, going shopping for groceries, etc. I can totally see myself just lounging in them and having a good time!

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