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Truly Blessed

December 27th, 2008 Posted in gratitude, received

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and we’ve even got the tree down yesterday. The stockings are put away, the ornaments are in their respective boxes, the tree is smushed into its own. The only remnants of the holiday left to be seen is probably the snow outside, though that is beginning to melt away also. It’s always a little tad sad when Christmas is over now. Growing up, I dreaded the holiday, but now, as an adult, being allowed and able to make it my own with my own family unit makes it that much more special. Although the financial stresses were big, the overall holiday was something to be remembered. The excitement leading up to it, the “getting” of gifts for those I love, the wrapping of those gifts, and the visual I get when they open these gifts — it’s all so much fun.

This year, I didn’t get much in the form of presents, but I feel that much richer. I think my gift this year was being able to get gifts for Lily Bean. All my energy was into making this Christmas — her very first! — extra special, and I think we did just that. We got loads of pictures of her in her various Christmas gear with her various different gifts. She loves all of her presents (she doesn’t quite understand why she got them, but the excitement on her face when we play with the toys with her, especially the jolly jumper, is absolutely priceless). It’s so neat to see the excitement on a 5-month-old’s face.

This year, I am truly blessed. There is only more to come.

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