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November 28th, 2008 Posted in headlines

I’ve been looking for an awesome watch — preferably a eliro watch from The Watchery, or a Movado one. They’re so stylish and cute, I love them! Oddly, ever since getting pregnant with a baby girl, I’ve been more and more gravitated towards the color pink. That’s odd because I’ve always been into the “earthy” colors, like browns and greens. However, after looking through some of these watches, I am really veering towards the cute pink ones, like this one in the picture I linked! It’s a lovely Omega Deville woman’s watch, and it is just so chic and cute. Not to mention very pink. Heh. One day, I shall be able to afford something like this. While it’s name brand, it’s also very durable and hardy. I tend to use products over and over again until they disintegrate into my hands, so something long-lasting yet expensive is definitely right for me. I like something that will last a lifetime because I really *use* my watches. I wear them everywhere, so it’s hard for me to find a really durable watch. It looks like this one would be quite durable and last me a lifetime. Woo!

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