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How Time Grows

November 22nd, 2008 Posted in connections

Well, the weekend is here, and the husband and I are both sick. However, Lily Bean is still holding on strong and she hasn’t caught out cold. It’s a miracle, as we’ve both been sick since Monday. Knock on wood, but I think we have a super baby on our hands. Heh.

Tomorrow we have an awesome birthday party for our niece, Chelsea. She is turning 9 years old. Wow. I remember when I first met her and she was just a little itty bitty 2-year-old. She just stared and stared and stared at me, like I was the strangest thing since sliced cheese. And from there, we were practically inseparable. My little golden girl, she is. I’ve always held a special place for her in my heart. We see her for a little bit about once a week, when Nana brings her to visit us. She’s very interested in Lily Bean, which I like to see. Lily Bean will see her cousin Chelsea as this “cool big teenager” in just a few years. It’s so strange to think of that, especially when I can still see Chelsea in my mind’s eye as this chubby little baby. How odd.

It will be good to see the family again.

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