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October 31st, 2008 Posted in headlines

With money so tight as it is (given my maternity leave as well as the downing economy in present times), we’re doing a lot to save on money. For one thing, we’ve significantly decreased our eating out. We’re having home cooked meals almost everyday, and I hardly ever go out to lunch anymore. It makes it easier since I’m not working, though, as I’m more available at home to cook meals. Everything saved is everything earned, as they say. This year, I am up for my annual (or semi-annual, rather) eye exam. I wear glasses, and in the past, I’ve even tried contacts. Glasses can be very expensive, and given that I am picky with my brands (I want something long lasting, not just something off the shelf that’s cheap yet breakable), I am looking at eyeglasses from ZenniOptical. They offer some of the best brands for some of the best prices. Perfect combination for me, given that I want to continue to save money, and spend money wisely when I need to. It’s perfect because I can walk out with great glasses starting at $8, buy online, and choose from so many different brands. Heck, at this price, I can even get two pairs and interchange them (I’ve never even considered doing that before now!).

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