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The Other Half of Team

September 24th, 2008 Posted in connections

Last night, when Dave finally joined me in bed, we had a long cuddle session, where the only words that came out of our mouths were “I love you.” I thought that there wasn’t a way to love this man more than I already had before we had Lily Bean, but again I was proven wrong. It is something else to love the father of your child… to know that there is something big that we created together — a life, a beautiful soul, a lovely person. I am grateful that I was already in love with him before we had a baby because the baby only heightens my sense of love for him afterwards. We still do things together, like we have always done, and we are still partners in crime, like we have always been. Except now, there is one more thing that our world revolves around, together: the baby. Knowing that I can depend on him to be on the same page as me when it comes to parenting, knowing that we can talk about anything and everything when it comes to her, knowing that he has the same dedication as I do when it comes to upbringing our child, it gives me comfort and I am easily rest assured that I am not alone in loving this child this much. She also has her daddy.

In our spare time, Dave and I surf the internet. When the baby is sleeping, after oohing and ahhing over how beautiful she is even in her sleep, we discuss politics and technological news and wishlists (such as wanting a micro sd, for example). But then when the baby wakes up, the attention immediately goes to the baby. I’m glad, though, that we are still finding time for ourselves as husband and wife. Even if it is in everyday simple tasks like surfing the internet together.

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