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Loving All Types

September 15th, 2008 Posted in connections, gratitude, received

These days, while spending all of my time with family, it has been brought to my immediate realization over and over again that family is so very important. I spend all of my time with Dave and Lily Bean, with intermittent time spent with other extended relatives like my mother-in-law and my siblings-in-law from time to time. Family sticks with you. Family, when you grow up, is who you choose to be around you all the time. I have all different types of family members with all types of personality traits, and I can’t be more grateful the many rainbow of personalities surrounding me these days. For instance, I have a cousin-in-law who drives a nifty Harley (and seems to always be looking for Harley parts). He has tattoos all over his body and a beard that comes down to his chest. He looks like one of those awesome bike dudes you see hanging around in bars. Exactly like that, actually. Yet, he’s the most gentle soul anyone can ever know. Isn’t it neat?

Another example - I have a brother-in-law who in his spare time travels the world. He saves every morsel of income he makes to go to Thailand, Japan, Australia, England, and now he’s planning on possibly Africa and New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to travel and told myself that “one day” it would be easier and we’d be able to do it as a family, yet there’s my BIL, able to do just that almost every year. I admire his audacity to “just do it,” so to speak.

So many different personalities, all so beautiful. The more people I surround myself with, the more I realize that I have the capacity and ability to love all types of people, and not just people who are like me. I like that.

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