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Humble Hippie

August 19th, 2008 Posted in being

How amazing that life has become so simple yet so satisfying these days. My days are very predictable — feed baby, burp baby, change baby — and yet it is so incredibly lovely and wonderful. The first month was hard, I’ll give you that. But now, it seems like I can’t remember what it was like pre-baby. With a baby taking over your whole life, you end up really prioritizing your free time. And right now, my free time is entirely spent on the computer. Haha. Not much new there. I just find it rather amusing.

Even priorities that concern the self have changed as well. I don’t really take mind about what I’m wearing these days or how I look (which isn’t really far from the past, haha). I do notice certain things changing (like how much weight I’m losing exponentially, without even the help of the average diet pills), but they’ve ceased to be of much importance to me.

I suppose, what I’m trying to say is… pregnancy and motherhood have made me even more of a humble hippie. Heh.

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