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With Love

July 10th, 2008 Posted in reflection

There is something so comforting about having the people you love around you, and knowing how much support you have in your life. I guess it’s what everyone strives for. The depressed who wants to know where to look in order to be just a little happier. The angry who wants to know how to be just a little calmer. I think life’s answers can be bought in a package called love. When there is abundant love in one’s life, it makes everything seem possible. It makes everything that much more vibrant. The last few months have shown me just how much people care about me. About us. About our family.

When you announce a pregnancy, you want the reaction that we’ve been getting: “WOW!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!” Such a simple reaction brings so much joy to my life… knowing people are happy that we are bringing a child into this world. That *we* are bringing a child into this world. Us. Knowing people have faith in us that we will be good parents, that we will be compassionate and loving and caring and all that good stuff that we all want parents of the world to be. Knowing people have every faith in us. It makes me less scared because all these people somehow “know” that I’m going to be a good mother. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel that hey, I can do it after all.

It’s such an overwhelming feeling, really… the thought of being responsible for another human person this way. The first few years are the most important, seeing as how this teeny tiny baby depends and relies on us 100% of each and everyday. Every second, sleeping and awake. The responsibility is so grand. I take it seriously. I realize what a compounding job this is. I realize it is not to be taken lightly. I realize how much work it is. I realize being a mother is an age-old profession that is often overlooked these days in the world of the hamster runners.

But with love, everything is possible. With love, that’s where it all starts. That’s how life is created. It is with love.

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