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Cravings and Food Love

July 9th, 2008 Posted in gratitude

Okay, so during this pregnancy, I must a least make one post about the appreciation of food, right? Come on, it’s only natural. During the first trimester, I didn’t like food at all, and now during the third trimester, it’s as if everything I eat comes from Mt. Olympus itself. The nectar of the Gods, I tell you. Everything. Literally, everything tastes 10 times more wonderful. So here is my list of current cravings and food addictions.

- Kellogg’s Cornflakes with Cheerios and milk
- orange sherbert ice cream
- Spanish mangos
- big, juicy steak
- spam (I know, I know, but good lordy it’s soooo good right now with rice and mangos)
- root beer
- mint leaves
- spam sandwiches (it’s good, I swear!!)
- smoked ham slices
- miso soup

Those are things I can eat all day long. And Husband has been so good to me that I actually *do* eat them all day long. He goes out about a dozen times a day because I keep running out of one of those things on the list. It’s rather crazy. In between our computer times, and talking times, and cuddling with Tink, and reading through a Leptovox review, and watching cartoons, and stuff like that, he has to make these trips to the nearest grocery store (or two) just to get my cravings quenched. What a good husband. I *almost* compare his sorrow to 3rd trimester pregnancy pains. ;)

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