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Favorite Things

June 26th, 2008 Posted in gratitude

Being a slob at home and not having appointments for work has really done me well these past couple of weeks. I get to wear what I want, I get to eat what I want (instead of going out for lunch everyday, I save lots of money), I get to wake up WHEN I want (which is very, very important, mind you), and best of all, I get to sleep when I want instead of having to be in bed by 10pm. I’m such a night owl, I like my options to stay up as late as I can (which right now, isn’t very late, since I start drifting off by midnight or so :P). One of my favorite things to wear right now, which isn’t very professional for work, is one of my favorite funny t shirts, a maternity tshirt with the words, “I grow humans. What’s YOUR superpower?” I can wear this tshirt everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it didn’t need to be washed over and over again, I probably would. It’s so comfy and it matches my sense of humor so well. Heh. What’s your favorite tshirt?

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