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Green is Good

June 23rd, 2008 Posted in gratitude

We got a 3-footish house plant for Bean’s room today. It’s looking pretty darn sweet next to the rocking chair. She wouldn’t be our child if there wasn’t a friggin’ tree growing in her room. Heh. It’s just kosher, I believe. The lily plant wasn’t working out, since it’s having a difficult time being revived. It’s so droopy. So we’re gonna leave it in the kitchen where there’s more natural sunlight and hope it does better.

Green. I really love being around green. Green and life and energy. It gives the room a lot more beauty and positivity, for whatever reason. Where there’s life, there’s love. Dave and I both talked to the plant when we brought it home today. I asked it to help give Bean’s room some love and energy and good oxygen (and Dave added, “Yeah, none of that bad oxygen, Mr. Plant!”). Sometimes we talk to our plants, sometimes we don’t. It depends on the plant and how well it’s doing. Heh. Green is good.

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