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Giving Thanks

June 15th, 2008 Posted in connections, gratitude

This month we have much to give thanks to. I am so blessed at how many people are excited for us to become parents so soon. It’s always a good thing when you tell someone that you’re pregnant, and their face lights up. It’s a good affirmation of your abilities and your capability when they believe you can be really great parents, when they believe you have the potential to love another little being so intensely. I have a lot of people to give thanks to this month because they are giving such positive, loving, excited energy towards our little Baby Bean. The other day I bought a pack of thank you cards so that I can out-use all of my bic pens to say thanks to everyone who’s thought of us, bought us (or Baby Bean) something, or just plain showed us their excitement and their support. I’m going to be running out of cards pretty soon, but I think it’s important to let people know how much you appreciate they care. It makes them stick around more often.

This month (and I know it will just continue to grow), I feel incredibly loved and overwhelmed with support.

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