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Cuddly Furball

May 31st, 2008 Posted in connections, gratitude

We have a lovely, lovely cat. Her name is Tink. She is our pride and joy, and the apple of our eye. We’re trying to get her to understand that she’s no longer going to be the only pride and joy in our home. Come July-ish, we’re going to be blessed with a furless pride and joy, named Baby Bean. Heh. It will be interesting to see how Tink reacts to a screaming, screeching, little baby bundle.

Today, we took Tink to the vet (thought we were going to be late, since I wasn’t wearing my Vacheron watch), for her regular annual appointment and booster shot. She was NOT at all happy. We had to put her in her little carrier, since she was not having it on her leash and collar. She cried the whole way, and whined and whined, but in the end, she did very well. I cupped her little head in my hands while she was being poked and prodded, and she did fine. She winced a little when the shot was given, but still she was fine. No growls, no hisses! She’s quite famous at the vet’s, too, since she is known for her growls, hisses, and scratches. They had to wear gloves the last time she was here, and one time, they even had to put a towel over her head during the shots. The vet was very impressed today… said she must be mellowing out in her older age. Hah.

I’m grateful for this cuddly yet feisty little furball of ours.

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