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Some Needed Visualizations

May 31st, 2008 Posted in visualization

Time to visualize some more awesome things in my life. I’m purposefully asking for these things, universe, so please help us make space in our lives for them. Thanks.

- a smooth next 6ish months
- my extended visitor’s status going through before the end of June
- getting my license switched over to B.C. before the end of June
- delivering a healthy, happy, bouncing Baby Bean (EEEE!!!!!!!)
- continuing our good health
- Dave’s “situation” working out the way we want it to
- getting my resident status cleared after Bean is born
- going back to my regularly scheduled yoga routine after Bean is born
- lots and lots of mangos, mm mm
- the baby’s room complete and organized by the end of June
- an awesome baby shower mid-June held by my wonderful friends in B’ham
- no work crisis, please, thanks!

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