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Weekend Bliss

May 30th, 2008 Posted in visualization

Oh thank goodness for wonderful Friday! It feels like I’ve been waiting for Friday for a while. Weird, though, since my days are a lot more lax than usual, since I’m going down to part-time work now. However, weekends seem to hold so much opportunity, for some reason. Even as a kid, we look forward to weekends — no school and most of the time, no homework. As adults, we hold onto that same weekend fantasy, even if we don’t have anything planned. This weekend, we’re having our nephew, Nick, over. He’s staying over on Saturday night. I predict lots and lots of fun with the Wii. Heh. We’re also going out to dinner with Dave’s dad and his fiance, at one of our favorite places - the Mongolie Grill. It will be a fun-filled weekend packed with family and love and some video game kick assing. Who can ask for more from a weekend?!

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