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Event Tickets

May 29th, 2008 Posted in headlines

Dave and I sometimes treat ourselves to concert tickets of our favorite bands, especially when they’re in town. It’s hard to resist Sarah McLachlan or The Dalai Lama when they’re both “performing” in our area. However, the difficulty is, of course, finding the perfect seats for the perfect price. Often, because the performers are so popular and the venues are so small, finding the perfect seat tickets , period, is a difficulty! I can imagine how hard it is to get really good sports tickets for your favorite game or your favorite team. At Seat Exchange, all this is made perfectly simple, finally! Now we can get our tickets without the hassle and hustle and bustle of waiting in line, or waiting for the perfect seats, or missing the perfect seats entirely. I can’t wait till Raconteurs come back into town, or Sarah McLachlan’s next tour! It’ll be awesome! There’s nothing like being up close and personal with your favorite bands and your favorite sports team to make a night really, ultra fun. I love that experience. We had it when we went to see Bif Naked in Vancouver a couple of years back. I can’t wait to have that experience again!

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