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Just Being Here

May 4th, 2008 Posted in being

Outside of chores, this weekend was professionally unproductive. However, it’s still not completely a wash, because I think I deserved to sit just outside the Outer Banks of laziness. The past few weekends have been very busy, and the next couple will also be. So I’m glad that I didn’t have to do much this weekend because I needed some down time. I just cleaned the house, vacuumed a little, and did all the loads of laundry. I even played Mario Kart with Candice and Kelly tonight! I’m feeling a teensy weensy guilty about not doing much work and catching up on cases, but you know what, tomorrow is another day and I can always continue that professional work later on. Right now, I’m just getting settled down for my weekly episode of Desperate Housewives. I give myself permission to relax. I think I deserve it.

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  1. kelly Says:

    Woo for Mario Kart!

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