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Sweeney Todd

November 29th, 2007 | 2 Comments | Posted in headlines

The little devious side of me adores dark, twisted movies, especially movies that have to do with revenge and vengeance. I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing justice served, and people putting fate in their own hands. While it’s a little sadistic, I admit, it is also incredibly satisfying to know that someone who did you wrong got what they deserved.

A favorite movie of mine, based on a favorite book of mine, is Count of Monte Cristo. It is a movie based on revenge. Now, there is another one similar like it, starring Johnny Depp, called “Sweeney Todd.” It’s the same idea, and I am anxious to see it. One of my favorite lines from the trailer is when he was told to forget what happened, and he said, “Never!” or something. “Never forgive, never forget.” That’s the true heart of revenge. It’s the true scene where Sweeney, the crazy vengeful barber, plots vengeance with his dark side, knowing that it is killing him, yet he can’t think of anything else.

The story revolves around an innocent family man with a beautiful wife and infant daughter, turned into a crazed maniac hell bent on vengeance after all of this beauty was taken away from him. After a sentence of “life” in prison, he comes out a completely different man — dark, lonely, angry, filled with hate. He then seeks to seek vengeance on all those who wronged him, who stole the life he deserved from him.

If you want to know more, visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site. You can also visit Sweeney Todd on Myspace. I am certainly anxious to see the movie. I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp, and furthermore, I’m a fan of justice, too. Heh.

A Lot to Be Grateful For

November 26th, 2007 | 2 Comments | Posted in gratitude

Some lovely things to be grateful for this week:

- turkey vultures in Mexico
- seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world (Chichen Itza pyramid)
- swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with angel fish
- swimming with DOLPHINS
- having appreciative clients
- sticking up for clients
- no work crisis while on vacation
- good friends :) - Jenbug
- a loving husband
- snow
- a cuddly kitty
- a warm bed
- Dave’s warm bum next to me in our warm bed :P - warm hats
- fingerless gloves
- new shoes!
- liking the taste of FOOD (I can’t wait for that again)
- wireless internet :) :) :) - family
- a fireplace with a burning fire log
- Baby Bean
- Beautiful Baby Bean

A lot to be grateful for, folks. Despite the nausea and the dizziness and the headaches and the backaches and the sore boobs, I know there is something living inside me. Beautiful Baby Bean just growing, and growing, and filling him/herself up with love and wonder. Oh Beautiful Baby Bean. A lot to be grateful for. We’re bringing a beautiful baby into the world. :)


November 14th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

You thinkin’ of getting a site of your own? These days, it’s as easy as pie. Getting your own domain and having it hosted is so easy now, I barely remember those days when it cost an arm and a leg and you had to know what you’re doing in terms of servers and uploads. Now, you can get shared web site hosting for so cheap, and it comes with all those necessities such as spam filters, emails, and heck, even virus protection. Concentric is one of them. Actually, I have many friends who use their hosting services and all of them are satisfied. Just thought I’d pass the word around. :) Having a site is awesome. Having a dependable hosting server to put it on is even better!

Fashion Woes

November 14th, 2007 | 1 Comment | Posted in encompassed

I think I’m getting old. Nevermind that I’m married now, or that I’m pregnant with child, or that I have my own place and a full-time job and bills to pay. No, none of those things make me feel old. What makes me feel really old is when I think the current fashion fads are the weirdest things in the world, and I look in horror as teenagers show up in public wearing the things they do. :P
Some of the current fashions right now really kind of annoy me. Like when the girls dress in mini-mini skirts that show their butt cheeks. Goodness, sake. Is it not enough that 13 year old girls look like they’re 28, but do they actually have to dress like one too? No, I take that back. 28 year olds don’t dress like that… unless they’re out for a night on the town trying to score some slut points. Those mini-mini skirts really frighten me. I hope that by the time my potential daughter becomes a teenager, these fads are old news and something more reasonable is in the picture. Yikes.

Oh, and what about when the boys between around 11 and 25 wear pants that are more than halfway down their ass? Really, I don’t get it. Why bother buying the pants in your size when you don’t intend on pulling them all the way around anyway? I suppose it’s the “thug” look that is so appealing, but I just don’t get it. I suppose fads and fashion don’t necessarily have to make sense (ever seen any of those runway shows: W-T-F, dude?), but seriously, this is everyday life! Why would you want your red and white striped underwear to show while you’re walking down the street? Isn’t it uncomfortable having to hold your pants up so they don’t drop to your knees every 5 seconds? And am I the only one who’s tempted to just run by and pull these pants down? Drive by pantsing, I could call it. I just don’t get it.

A lot of my clients are teenagers. Some of the dress so inappropriately, I kind of wince when I look at them. The girls scream, “Please rape me and take advantage of me.” while the boys scream, “My pants are already halfway down. Let me rape you and take advantage of you.”


Bad Credit Car Loan

November 14th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in headlines

I personally know how difficult it is to buy a car. Even a used car. Especially when you’re young and just starting out. When you have no credit or bad credit, hardly anyone wants to sell you a car unless you have a cosigner with good credit who’s willing to put their ass on their line for you. When I bought my first car, my dad totally helped me. Otherwise, there was no way I could have been able to get approved for a loan. Bad Credit Car Loan is hard to get. That’s why Basic Car Loans is so wonderful. It gives people the opportunity to get a car even on a not-so-great credit rating. In fact, it is available nationwide and actually focuses their work on helping people specifically with bad credit. Everyone needs help getting on their feet. If it weren’t for my dad, I would have gone with them.

Gentle Squeakiness

November 14th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude

You know what I’ve learned over the last recent years? The phrase “squeaky wheel gets the grease,” but it also depends on what type of squeaky wheel you are. If you combine “you attract more bees with honey than vinegar” with the first phrase, it matches well. Not only do you have to be squeaky and make sure you’re being heard in order to get what you want, but you also have to be nice about it. You don’t want people to give you what you want because they’re afraid of you. That’s just half the battle, and it makes your life so much harder. You want people to give you what you want because they genuinely like you. Because you’re nice. Because they want to give you what you want.

Attitude is everything. I’ve learned this so many times over the past few years, when I stopped putting up my walls, and I just ask genuinely for help. It is amazing how much help comes my way when I ask for it. It’s amazing how many people jump to help me, and go out of their way to assist me, to make sure I get what I want, what I need. I don’t take advantage of it because it’s not like I can’t do things for myself, but it’s always nice to know that when I need help, I can always ask a perfect stranger nicely, calmly, with friendliness and generosity, and almost always will they agree.

A gentle squeaky wheel gets the grease, people. Don’t be an ass. It isn’t really what you want anyway. :)

Alzheimers Gift Giving

November 6th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in headlines

The holidays are coming. During this time of year, I love getting beautiful, productive gifts that have a purpose. I mean, all gifts are purposeful, but I especially like giving a holiday gift that is also a donation to a charity or organization I support. This year, I am focusing on the Alzheimer’s Foundation. It is important to find a cure to this devastating and debilitating disease, but it also equally important to treat patients with this disease with the utmost respect and give them the best care. That’s why donations are so important. Everything you do should be made to benefit other people. Everything. I’m working on this positive spin cycle in my own life, and what better to remind me than to know that every gift I give is a gift to not only the person who receives it directly, but the person who I bought it from? In this case, buying from the Alzheimers Foundation means that all proceeds go into finding a cure, as well as providing quality care for those who already have the diagnosis.

If you know anyone who suffers personally from this, as some of us do, you’d understand why it is so important to give back. Everyone is someone’s daughter, son, father, mother, grandparent, or cousin. It is important that we help each other. So please, go donate by buying a gift from this foundation. It gives to give.

In the past, I’ve gotten gifts in this nature for my mother, sister, and friends. Chained necklaces I’ve even worn myself. These gifts are not your average run-of-the-mill. They come from the heart, they’re made from the heart, and they mean so much more. They’re soulful. I am definitely going to shop here this year for my Christmas list. I am sure I will be able to find something for everyone on my list. :)