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Park West Gallery

October 28th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

Every so often I get the urge to buy fine art work from all over the world. If I had the money to do so, you could guarantee that I would have original masterpieces (and heck, even really good renditions and copies) of fine art pieces in our hallway and up along our stairs. I think that would be so beautiful. I particularly love browsing through Park West Art Gallery because of the many beautiful pieces they carry. They have auctions all over Canada and the U.S. Their affiliate company, Park West at Sea, provides beautiful auctions on cruise ships that go all around the world. So beautiful! First chance I get, I will one day own one of these great pieces of work! Something natural, something beautiful, something that makes me sigh every time I pass it in the hallway.

When Times Are Bad

October 28th, 2007 | 1 Comment | Posted in gratitude

Today in yoga, I tested my limits and I learned more about myself. It’s so interesting that the more I think I know myself, the more surprised I am when I find something new. Your best friend is yourself, and your worst enemy is also yourself. I often wonder how someone can know another person when they barely know themselves. You live inside your own skin, you regulate the temperatures of the heart, and you command the soul to feel what you want it to, and yet, at the end of the day, how well do you really know yourself? It’s a good question.

Today, I tested my limits. Marita asked us in the beginning of class if we notice how easy it is to love life and be happy when times are good, and how hard it is to love life when times are bad. Happiness isn’t just conditional. Happiness should be all-around. We have to love life even when we’re having a bad day, even when times are bad, even when events don’t go the way we want them to. How easy it is to say life failed us when we’re going through our struggles, when we want something of life, when we demand something we don’t already have from it. How much harder it is to be self-actualized when things aren’t going our way and yet we still learn to accept that, and even love it.

How often have I stared in the face of despair, and begged for forgiveness? How often have I almost, just almost please God almost, slit the pretty blue vein on my wrist and came out alive instead, without even a bruise on the soul that I so wreaked havoc on? How often did I step away from the light and into the darkness, into the silence that held me safely and calmly, when all I wanted to do was scream, “I’M AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!” How often did I ask the universe for forgiveness and beg to be forgiven and to forgive? How often did I think I had it all and yet had nothing, and vice versa? How often did I dreamt my nightmares would go away, and how often am I still haunted by them?

And then, even then, at the early morning of the new day, I can start all over. I am getting a piece of life, and I’m slowly putting all the pieces together. I pull the puzzle over me like a blanket, cradling me. The good, the bad, the ugly. The horrible times when Helen would’ve been a media freak if she was famous, and the beautiful times when Helen would’ve been a teenage heart throb instead. The silent crimes of me, the beautiful successes, the neutral positions where something came out of nothing.

The blanket is complete, the quilt of my life, the pieces all fit. The black, the molded, the wonderful — all held together by the same continuing stitch, the same thread. When times are bad, my life is still beautiful, and I am still happy.


October 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

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Weekend Bliss

October 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in visualization

Ah yes, tomorrow is lovely Friday. How I love thee, ye Friday. It makes me cheerful just thinking about Friday. This weekend will be a more relaxing one too, given that the main bathroom is done and we can actually decorate.

This weekend will also be a half-cleaning weekend, and I will again be able to appreciate a semi-dust-free household. I say only “semi” because our other bathroom is still being worked on, so chores can’t really be completely done until that bathroom is done too. Don’t wanna redust and redust and redust while the renovations are still being done.

Monday is a half day. I have one appointment, and I’m taking Gran to the hospital and on errands, so Monday is written off for some relaxation. However, at least I get my yoga this weekend!

Renewable Energy

October 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in visualization

I picture a lovely world where all energy is solarized and recycled, and where organic energy is abundant and never-ending. As the world moves forward, we have to think about how we are impacting the planet and what kind of condition we are leaving it in for our children. It is no longer responsible of us to use without accountability. That’s why renewable future is not only a thing of the future, or a fad that may disappear eventually. It is more than that: it is a necessary future we have to learn to accept and embrace. With things like solar powered panels that light whole houses for free, and apricus energy source systems, our world will be made into a brand new place. Apricus not only saves the planet with renewable energy, it also saves you a whole load of money. It powers water heaters and air conditioners and you must totally go after it. I know I will. I don’t like regular air conditioners because of the chemical and the unhealthy air. However, with apricus, I can finally feel comfortable with using it.

Yay for the Main Bathroom

October 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude

The bathroom is 98% done! The stopper plug thing is a bit wonky, and Pat just needs to put the door stop thingie down to separate between the bathroom and the hallway. And we’re all good to go. I can’t wait till this weekend when Dave and I go shopping for new racks, a mirror, and a drawer thingie to go over the toilet. I am so awesomely happy that the main bathroom is done, and now we can actually decorate, and more importantly: TAKE A SHOWER!! Yeah, finally able to take a shower in our own bathroom after a week and a half.

The en suite half bathroom is now being worked on. The sink and toilet are both removed, and the floor is gutted, so it’s pretty excited. That should be done next week sometime. I’m excited about that.

Dansko Shoes

October 23rd, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

You wanna know a weird little secret? I go around and see all these Dansko shows that my friends wear, and I secretly covert them. I’ve asked how much they are, and where my friends get them, and how comfortable they are. And all of the answers lead me to coveting them even more. I’m not sure why, but they sure look extra awesome and comfortable.

Today, I saw one of my clients wearing them, and I had to mention, “I LOVE your shoes! I’ve been meaning to get a pair of my own!” She smiled and said, “They’re not that unreasonable, actually! You can get them online!” So now I’m searching for them and I came across Met Boots, which has them for sale. I particularly like the one of the pic I posted here. That’s the most common ones I’ve seen everywhere. They’re very popular up here, and my client was right: they aren’t at all expensive, at least not as expensive as I had thought. And if I spend over $100, I even get free shipping! Woohoo!