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Thursday Gratitude List

September 27th, 2007 | 4 Comments | Posted in gratitude

I am grateful for:

- tomorrow being Friday
- my husband
- new frilly underwear :P - humor
- a nice boss
- good coworkers
- Tinkerbell
- good TV shows :P - my laptop
- shelter, food, and water
- sex
- baby-making sex.. hehe
- good vegetarian food
- Gran
- health
- happiness
- good friends
- Ciana
- Jenbug from work
- vegetarian udon noodles, homemade
- the show Heroes
- Mary Jane shoes
- getting bills paid
- my dad
- sisser

That’s a good long list for a Thursday night.

Criminal Law Blog

September 27th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

I recently stumbled onto this really informative and insightful blog regarding criminal law and defense based in California: Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum. It is created and maintained by Dmitry Gorin, a criminal law professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. He is also an active lawyer and has had many years of experience in this field. Also, if he sounds familiar to you, you may recognize him from Court TV as he provides frequent commentary on that show. I was reading through it and the blog has a lot of informative insights on law, as well as frequent updates on celebrity prosecutions, with the most recent entries being about the Spector murder case. So interesting! It’s like your own real-life Law & Order on the internet!

Pizza Night

September 27th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude

Aw, I have a really cute client. Actually, all of my clients are lovely, but this one in particular is just awesome. I appreciate awesome clients. Makes my days go by faster, and it makes me more motivated in what I do. Each day is a good day, even with all the crises and meetings and crazy clients and stuff — each day is a good day.

I’m beginning to become pretty close to Jen (the one at work!). She’s a cutie patootie. I get all warm and fuzzy whenever we hang out and work together. So cute. I like her. Now if only I can convince her to move next door to us… all will be well.

More later. Must… eat… pizza now. As happy and wonderful as my life is, we still can’t live without pizza. Pizza good.

Build A Sign

September 26th, 2007 | 1 Comment | Posted in encompassed

Every so often I find that I need a custom sign or banner, and I never know where to go to get custom banners. Especially with car magnets — I am so darn addicted to those magnets, but I had to remove mine because they were a bit too political for work. So now I keep wanting to get a new one, or two, that are more subtle and and less combative. Something with peace on it or something. I’m going to surf BuildASign.com and design my own for my car!

Exhausted to the Bone

September 26th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

I am so darn tired today. When I was driving home, about 10 minutes from our house, my body just started aching. Like, physically aching. That’s a big hint there that I’m so darn tired and a bit overworked. Today there were several crises, though not really. Expected family emergencies, I suppose, but still frustrating nonetheless. I was so exhausted and incredibly overwhelmed throughout the whole day. My phone wouldn’t stop ringing — the whole day. I was so darn exhausted. I guess I still am. I think I still am, really, and I feel like a zombie. At least tomorrow I can have another late start. It won’t be as bad. Oi. Tired tired tired.

Blade Servers

September 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

There is a new technique in technology that I have never heard about, and it’s called blade-server technology. Basically, the idea is that a server can be stripped of its non-essential parts, such as extra cabling, space, etc., in order to provide it with the most speed and production. Blade servers are quickly becoming popular for businesses and companies that are looking for more efficient ways to increase density and performance while decreasing power consumption. It overall saves on energy and power, and yet at the same time has the ability and capacity to increase production and speed. It’s incredible, really. In the long run, the company would save bundles of money and have higher percentages of efficiency. I think that’s awesome. Everything is becoming so much more efficient, and that’s a great way to lead into the future.

More Sleep is Good

September 25th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in visualization

I need sleep. I seriously need a lot of good, healthy sleep. Good healthy sleep is good. I think I will go to bed early tonight so that I can wake up early and get to the office early to finish off my exit summary before supervision and before lunch with Sieneke and Jen. I get so distracted at home and paperwork doesn’t get done as fast as it could. Husband distracts me, and the tv is on sometimes, and then there’s all this chatting, and playing Guild Wars is just a button away. Heh.

But yes, I need sleep. All this action and little sleep are making my head hurt. Ouchie. Lots of sleep tonight. Nite, folks.