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Xeal Free Marketing Discussion

June 28th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

Have you ever gone to Google’s site and pressed the “feeling lucky?” button. I did that a few times in the past and it is pretty darn amusing. Now, Xeal is going to be holding a fInternet marketing discussion in Vegas on July 07, 2007, to discuss why some internet marketing professionals are more “lucky” than others. It is coincidentally held on that day (July 7, 07) because, of course, as “luck” would have it, it’s rumored to be the luckiest day of the millennium. What better day than to talk about being lucky on the internet, and improving your internet marketing skills, eh?

Tony D. Baker is a CEO and Internet Marketing expert, and he will be the one leading the free forum discussion in Vegas. His company, “Xeal,” has been providing services for marketing and advertisement since 1995, and their success is largely due to the overwhelming information they are able to provide their clients in order to succeed in the business world, and particularly in the online world. It includes how to market your website, improve your site’s ranking, and even how to successfully be at the top of every search engines when key words are entered. During this free discussion in Vegas, you’ll be in on some awesome techniques on how he and his company has helped clients in the past, and how you can help your business in the present. To find out more, just feel free to go to the press release site on Xeal.com. Read all about it, and if you’re feeling lucky, join them on that lucky day in Vegas! While you’re out there having loads of fun gambling away all your money, you can pop right on in to this discussion and find out ways to earn it back. Sounds like the discussion would be beneficial for all types of businesses looking to improve their success rating.

Friend Finder

June 28th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

A lot of people have joined the various friend-meeting sites on the internet. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. However, most that I have seen are really complicated to use. Confusing, too. Even the searches for finding friends in your local area can be confusing, and given the overall anxiety of meeting friends in the first place for some people, these types of services should be as painless and enjoyable as possible, I’d say. Well, FriendFinder.com has come up with a solution. It is one of the most simple sites of these types of services I’ve seen yet. The searches for local friends with specific qualifications are easy to use, and the site’s interface is not complicated at all. It is rather simple and straight forward. On top of all of that, sign up for membership is free, too. I would use this site over other online search sites because of the overall appearance, and the simplicity in function. Meeting new people shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re a hermit like me, who likes online chatting and emailing over large parties and such (I am such a nerd, I know!), this site will appeal to you too.

Doctor Appointment

June 28th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude

I went to my doctor’s today for my well checkup (aka “physical”). It went relatively okay. I’m grateful that I am a healthy, vibrant adult in my prime, with no ailments. I’m also grateful that two doctors in the last year have both told me that they hear no murmur in my heart, which means that hole must have closed by itself. Yay! … which means I will be more able to handle a pregnancy and going into labor.

And then I had to take a blood test to see if I have all these other diseases and stuff. Good to know what I’m dealing with. The shot wasn’t all that good, though. I kind of winced when the needle went into my arm, but I braved it like a big girl and now I’m a-okay again. Hehe.

It Will Be Good

June 27th, 2007 | 3 Comments | Posted in visualization

Today is a new day. Yesterday wasn’t so good, and I felt really down, but today is a new day. There are new possibilities and the world is at my fingertips. Rather, I’m holding the world. So today is a new day. It will be good, it will be light. It is good to be understood and heard.

The wedding is coming closer. I can’t wait for it, really. I’m very very very excited. I can’t wait to be in my dress, I can’t wait to see Dave in his tuxedo, I can’t wait, I just can’t wait! I can’t wait to finally wear the wedding ring on my finger and see Dave’s on his. Today I pick up the wedding dress, give it to Gran to hide, and she will give it to Sylv. How lovely it all is. How truly and utterly lovely.

Today is a new day, and it will be good. I will settle for nothing less.

Drug Rehab Referral

June 26th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

When some of my clients are forced (or rather, as we like to call it, “recommended”) to go to inpatient drug treatment (which means they have to actually stay in a facility versus just going to meetings everyday or every week), I usually notice them kicking and screaming. It is not that they are “in denial,” so to speak. People play more psychological games on themselves than just denial, I think. It is because these clients want to be the ones to make the choice themselves. They don’t want to be told what to do regarding their own drug use, even if they know it is a problem. Being told that they have to go to drug treatment is just another demand that someone else is making of them, and hence that was why they got into drugs in the first place.

So finding a right drug rehabilitation center has got to be one of the most important part of treatment and sobering up. I often thought of a service for referrals for drug rehabs, and lo and behold, there’s one! Like I said in an earlier post, treatment can only work when the client feels supported, instead of feeling like someone who needs to be “fixed.” Finding the right rehab center can be so hard because clients need to feel that they are part of the decision-making circle. And when they get in there, they need to be actively wanting to change, actively working to change.

I work with a lot of clients who have had to go to treatment. The one thing they all have in common is that the success factor in any of these treatment centers depend on how they are treated in the centers.

Yoga Stealer

June 26th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

Oh dude, I had a weird ass nightmare. About work. Well, not really a nightmare, I suppose, but any dreams about work is a nightmare because work is supposed to stay at work, not seep into my subconsciousness. That’s just wrong. But I guess with the amount of time I spend working, it makes sense that my dreams be filled with it also.

Anyway, I dreamt that I was doing PCIT (parent-child interaction training) with a parent at work, and she ended up being a yoga teacher, and started writing all over my calendar notebook the times she’s been to yoga, and the times she’s going. I got all pissy but politely (since she’s a client) took back my calendar book and erased the yoga times, cuz they were confusing to me and I thought they were *my* appointments.

Okay I guess that wasn’t so weird. It’s kinda sad that my nightmares are so boring. Hehe.

Antique Jewelry

June 26th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in encompassed

While I am not actually a big jewelry person, I am very into time pieces, one of a kind jewelry and antiques pieces. It isn’t so much the cost of the item, but the actual history that each one holds. Because I love history and I love the stories behind history and objects and period pieces, I think antique jewelry is just so awesome. Take, for example, Art Deco engagement rings. Aren’t those incredibly neat? Those designs are so stunning, and they look so complicated. The store is in San Francisco and they’ve specialized in antique jewelry for decades. They have the best stuff — all one of a kind material. So awesome. They’re all so stunning!