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Newness of Motherhood

February 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in being, gratitude, received

The other day, I was having such a blast while shopping with Lily (she loooves squeaking in her squeaky shoes down the aisle) that I forgot the cashier person couldn’t catch one of the products from the barcode scanner while we were checking out. I love taking my Lily out with me, even on small errands. It’s awesome because she makes everyday life so livable, so wonderful. Just having her near makes my whole day better, my whole minute better. It’s kind of funny because when Dave and I take her out, we often fight over who gets to carry her or hold her hand. Sometimes she has choices (”MOMMY HAND!!” or “DADDY HAND!!”), but most of the time, she lets whoever happens to have her take her. I just love being near her. This “newness” feeling of being a mother hasn’t rubbed off yet. I wonder if it ever will? I hope it never does.

New Systems

December 10th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in received

I’ve been making little changes here and there to Lily’s room. One of my pride and joy when it comes to Lily is that her room is almost always in immaculate condition. It’s always clean, it’s always dusted, everything is in its place, there is a place for everything. One of the things I’ve recently updated in her room is her new mp3 player. Her old one was going wonky on us for a while. She listens to an hour or so’s worth of soft, lullaby music when we put her to bed, so we’ve been depending on a rinky dink mp3 player to do that for us. A couple of speakers hooked up, and voila, it was all set to go. So when we were shopping for <a href=”http://www.buy.com/cat/mp3-players/440.html”>MP3 players</a>, we wanted to get one that was dependable, upgraded, and simple. We didn’t want a fancy schmancy one. We just wanted one that works, that’s all. Welp, we decided to stick with the Samsa. And to boot, we updated her speakers as well!

Our Gift

March 8th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in gratitude, received

I haven’t done a gratitude list in a long time, and it’s about time I do one, don’t you think? As part of this site’s policy, I want to recognize all the good things in my life, and visualize all the beautiful things to come. All positive energy, no negative energy. I want to keep it that way. Today’s general gratitude is for my loving husband.

You see, Dave and I have been best friends for approximately 12 years. We’ve been together for 10 of those years. We’ve been married for almost 2 of those years. It’s been a really awesome journey — hardly any fights or arguments (some disagreements, of course), and always respect and communication. Our “status” in our family have always been ongoing and transient, but what always remains consistent is our love for each other and our dedication to each other. We went from best friends to lovers to roommates to engaged couple to married couple to mommy and daddy. All in the span of 12 years. Now, I’m a working mommy and he’s a stay-at-home daddy. While he could have argued to apply for jobs in IT, he didn’t, because he wanted to stay home with our baby because I had to work. I totally appreciate and am grateful for this role he is so willing to play. He’s a great daddy to our Lily Bean, and I’m grateful that he is so wonderful with her, able to pick up the responsibility where many men fall short at. He willingly takes care of her, and willingly dedicates his whole days to her. I always knew I could trust him, but I didn’t realize the extent of my love for him and my trust in him until I saw him become a father to our baby girl. He’s been there since day one. He’s been loving, kind, present since day one. He’s been a loving, doting father since day one. Since we found out we were pregnant. He talked to the belly, he held her on the day she was born, he took care of her and woke up with her in the middle of the night when I couldn’t. I couldn’t have chosen a better father for my daughter. He is seriously our gift from the universe.

She’s Won Me Over

February 10th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude, received

There are so many things to be grateful for these days. I keep forgetting to update this site. Or, more likely, I don’t have as much time anymore to update this site. Lily is growing more and more everyday, and I find my days wrapped around her like white is wrapped around rice. I am so fascinated with this little creature that I helped create. Everything about her is a miracle. I am truly blessed.

The biggest thing I am grateful for these days is my family. My Lily Bean, my husband. Just … my family. I have the best family in the world. We fit like a square block fits into a square peg. It’s amazing. I am beyond happy and contented these days. Most of the time, I’m also exhausted beyond belief, and I hardly have any time to catch up on my social life. But regardless, I am so darn happy.

I feel myself changing. Evolving. Moving. I feel her pulling my heart towards her, everywhere she goes. I am so in love with my daughter. And she’ll never need promotional products to win me over.

Truly Blessed

December 27th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude, received

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and we’ve even got the tree down yesterday. The stockings are put away, the ornaments are in their respective boxes, the tree is smushed into its own. The only remnants of the holiday left to be seen is probably the snow outside, though that is beginning to melt away also. It’s always a little tad sad when Christmas is over now. Growing up, I dreaded the holiday, but now, as an adult, being allowed and able to make it my own with my own family unit makes it that much more special. Although the financial stresses were big, the overall holiday was something to be remembered. The excitement leading up to it, the “getting” of gifts for those I love, the wrapping of those gifts, and the visual I get when they open these gifts — it’s all so much fun.

This year, I didn’t get much in the form of presents, but I feel that much richer. I think my gift this year was being able to get gifts for Lily Bean. All my energy was into making this Christmas — her very first! — extra special, and I think we did just that. We got loads of pictures of her in her various Christmas gear with her various different gifts. She loves all of her presents (she doesn’t quite understand why she got them, but the excitement on her face when we play with the toys with her, especially the jolly jumper, is absolutely priceless). It’s so neat to see the excitement on a 5-month-old’s face.

This year, I am truly blessed. There is only more to come.

Grateful For Her

December 6th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in gratitude, received, visualization

This holiday season is very special for us. Despite not having any money in our bank accounts, we have the greatest and most awesome gift of all: Lily Bean. I can’t be more thankful this year. It’s her first Christmas with us and we are just so blessed and so happy, I can’t hardly contain myself. Sometimes when I’m nomming her cheeks and she’s giggling and smiling, I think my heart will burst out of sheer love and joy for this little wonder that I helped create. It is such an awesome feeling being a mother. I am truly grateful for this little girl. She’s the light of my life, the joy in my days, she makes everything that much more worthwhile.

I am only asking and visualizing for more of the same: more love, more gratefulness, more joy, more happiness. What better gift for this holiday season?

Visualizations Work

November 19th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in received

Okay so the visualization seems to be working. I can feel my body recuperating and getting better already! I’ve also been drinking lots of liquid — water, warm water with lemon squeezes and honey (omg that hurt the throat A LOT on the first day), non-caffeinated lemon tea, and a bit of Neo Citran here and there. Oh, and gargling with salt water (ew). On top of that, trying to stay off my feet, and not breathing on Lily Bean too much. Heh. I seem to be getting better. Sneezing and coughing a lot, but I think that’s just to clean out the system now. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore and my chest isn’t so congested. Yay! I don’t have to go on antibiotics after all. WOOHOO!!

On the downside, I think Dave caught my cold. :P Oh well, I guess it’s better him than Lily, I suppose.